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About Me

My career started in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software industry in the early 1980's. I implemented ERP applications and manufacturing systems, then HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), then SCM (Supply Chain Management Systems) and then in mid 1990's began implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software systems. At this point in time, CRM applications have become my favorite business systems. Not just because I really enjoy CRM business strategies and customer-facing programs (which I do), but thanks to guys like Marc Benioff, Larry Ellison and Zach Nelson, CRM seems to bring the most comic relief and life to the business applications party.

Out of control at a party
Having a little fun; before it turned terribly wrong

For reasons I really don't understand, the CRM big shots seem to really enjoy delivering personal barbs, outlandish behavior and ego ridden ramblings much more so than other business software executives. Maybe it speaks to my immature side, but I do enjoy this entertainment value and have created this web site to share the entertainment with my industry colleagues.

Any reader contributions to this site are much appreciated. You can contact me at stephen[at]


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